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Who could say no to him?

Seth, "Raven's Son Of Autumn."

The Wonders Of Calendula

I used calendula to help my older chocolate lab Caleb from creating "hot spots." My black lab Seth, who is pictured above with his holiday wreath, is also prone to licking his legs excessively when he is stressed. They naturally lick to heal an area, but when it becomes repetitive, they will keep licking and it can extend down to the bone. This makes the dog vulnerable to infection and illness, not to mention that it causes distress to their human owners.

All of the ingredients in my oil and salve are editable, so I apply it without worry. Caleb would spend some time licking the oil or salve after application, however by being consistent the spot would heal. It is an on going struggle with a pet when they start this behavior. If you pay attention to which area they are focusing on you can prevent the cycle from becoming a open sore. The area can vary so keep an eye out for the behavior and aggresively treat the area. It is a good idea to contact your pets veterinarian if you cannot control the situation.

In conclusion, I think calendula is valuable and effective. You can visit my Web site:
www.SweetAnniesRose.com to see many uses of herbs, oils, and salves.

I sell both the oil and the salve on my
Web site. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


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